Tuesday, April 10.
(note: there was no class April 3 because of Easter Break).
Sing 333#'s: 211, 212, 214.
Suggestion for homework (add to your song collection): write Latvian lyrics for #214.

sing modal songs: Voi jagri, jagri (P. 79 from Saules Balsi Vairas Vikes-Freibergas Kartojums (Latvian Sun Song Melodies).

Introduction to composing for kids:
1. Soundscapes; 2. Pictures into music; 3. Rhythms and Patterns in life; 4. Rhythms from words
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Introduction to composing with kids

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Finish with new song:
Yesterday I heard a Robin Sing

Koops version from Katinka Daniel:
Yesterday I heard a Robin sing
So I know that truly it is spring
Robin Robin Singing in the rain
You have brought the spring time back again.

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from previous lessons, you may down load this song:
Sansa Chroma, passing stone game song.

Attendance: Julia, Deena, Ilona