April 24, final class

Review solfege singing 333.
sing folksongs
prepare for exam
look at lesson plans

Present Song Collections (20 songs minimum):
5 pre-school songs
5 pentatonic songs

5 modal songs

5 your choice songs

5 lesson plans
written exam on Kodaly.


1. List the 4 musical objectives of Kodály Musical Training.

2. List the 5 important concepts for Kodaly teaching.

3. Explain what PPP means (Prepare, Present, Practice)

4. Describe VERY briefly who Kodály was.

1. Sing one number from selected from 333 exercises by Kodály (selected from numbers 323-333).
2. Sing one Bugee Jump exercise on Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, or Aelonian (I will pick one randomly).


If you have not taught a song, you need to teach a song or lesson to the class to pass the class.

I will select one number from 327 to 333 for you to sing for the final exam. (so practice all of them!)