Happy Valentines Day!

Review Pentatonic Scales and Bungee on M, F, S

Introduce Radio Game (first with a scale, then a song).

Review for Quiz.

Take Quiz.

Go Over Class 1 concepts and songs.

Go over Lesson planning.

Class 1 concepts and songs.

Review all K material, continue folk song material, echo clapping is continued. Teach ta, ti-ti, ta-rest, repeat sign, sing songs and use simple rhythmic ostinati while singing. Teach measure, accented and unaccented beats. After the concept of regular accented and unaccented beats are understood, it is a short step to the function of the barline. Should be taught with duple meter but does not mean that only duple meter songs should be sung. It is essential to teach 3/4, 4/4, and 6/8 songs. Teach S-M and handsigns for S-M. Remember to practice the descending interval first then the ascending interval of M-S. The ascending interval is harder.
Present staff -
  • 1. Teach first - staff has 5 lines. Count from the bottom to the top. Teach that the staff also has 4 spaces.
  • 2. Define what "on the line" means. (line goes through the note)
  • 3. Practice putting notes on lines with felt staff with no stem, next practice putting notes on spaces.
  • 4. Have the children show positions of S-M.
  • 5. Teach if Sol is on a line then Mi is on the line below, if So is on the space, then Mi is on the space below.
Teach La, then sing many S-M-L songs. A good starting repertoire is 25 songs.
Teach La on the staff. If La is on a line then So is on the space below and vice-versa. Same procedure as teacing S-M.

Lesson planning.

Teaching/Lesson plans should include at least 2 or 3 of the following items:
o Sight singing
o Dictation
o Ear training
o Part hearing
o Hearing and singing harmony
o Perceiving form
o Developing memory
o Composing
o Improvising
o Musical games

Homework: Lesson plans for K-1.

Next week, Feb. 21, you must turn in one lesson plan for level K or 1. Please use my example as a standard format. Either bring your copy to class to turn, or email it to me: akoops@apu.edu
OR post it on the page that says "Sample Student Lesson Plans"

Sample from Koops:

Lesson plan for Kindergarten in fall or winter

Song list:
Sung Greeting: Good Morning Children; Mary had a little lamb; Chay Chay Koolay (West African Childrens song); Old MacDonald had a farm; (Ring around the rosies); Sung Farewell

Materials: Radio Signs: “ON” “OFF”; Large world Map; Old MacDonald pictures or Book; African puppet

1) To sing in tune (class, smaller groups, alone)
2) To Recognize learned songs from humming or from clapped rhythm patterns
3) To sing songs correctly in question and answer form with another student or group
4) To Sing a song and at a given sign continue singing “mentally” (radio game)

1 Greeting: Good Morning Children-Good morning teacher

Review and New Material:
2 Rhythm echo: Teacher claps a 1 measure rhythm and students clap back
3 Now Teacher claps a rhythm of Mary had a little lamb: “Can any of you guess this song?”
4 All sing it; repeat and add patting the thighs
5 Remember the Radio Game? ON OFF with Mary had a little lamb
6 Now Split in Groups (2-3 groups of 5-7 students per group) When teacher signals to a certain group that group stands up and sings! Group 1 starts Mary had a little lamb; Teachers points to next group part way through. All students continue patting thighs to keep the pulse. (different than clapping rhythm!)
7 African Puppet introduces New Song: Chay Chay Koolai. Puppet shows off the world map and talks to the kids about where he is from and where the students are from. Teacher sings a line-students echo all the way through; repeat several times; add some simple motions to accompany music (pat thighs; touch toes; turn around)
8 My little african puppet requests the song from last week! Remember Mary had a little lamb? Who was her dad? Old MacDonald! Sing Old MacDonald with pictures/picture book
9 Have student pick a song: who can hum another song we all know? Lisa, go ahead. The rest: Raise your hand when you have guessed what it is. Lets assume Lisa hums “Ring a round the rosie”: Sing Ring around and do the motions.
Farewell: Go Now in Peace, See you next Week J