Feb. 28.
Review Bungee
Introduce modal scales and bungee
sing 333 excerpts
Introduce Level 2 notes
Review Lesson Plans
Review the Process of Preparation, Presentation and Practice--relate it to Lesson Plans
Learn new folk songs
Song Collection Organization
Collect Assignments from last time (Lesson plans and folk song collections)

Level - 2
Continue singing the native country's folk songs. Continue echo clapping and singing of song material with ostinati, melodic and rhythmic. Present new note "Do", then after several weeks of practice using Do-So, S-D, D-M, D-L, L-D, you should present "Re".
Re-So, So-Re, etc. Work on inner hearing, and melodic dictation should be practiced often.
You should use 2/4 and 4/4 meter. Then teach ta-ah and ta-ah rest. Present the fermata.
Concepts for Level Two
  • tippi - tippi which is four sixteenth notes all sharing the same flag. (Koops uses "tiki tiki" in America)
  • Do
  • Rhythmic canon
  • 4 beat meter
  • Melodic canon
  • 8-beat phrase
  • Re
  • Do pentatonic scale
  • half note, two quarters tied and half rest
  • whole note and whole rest
  • fermata
  • first ending and second ending signs

1. Another Lesson Plan. INCLUDE RHYTHM!
...Song presentations continue.
2. Folk Song Collection Section 3: DRMFSL, or similar... modal songs... Identify the mode!