March 13.Sing Modal songs. Look at class 2 and class 3 teaching concepts

1. Sing same base note excersize, D=R=M=F=S=L
2. Bungee on Mi. up and down
3. sight reading with hand out from Ķodaly Downloads website.

a. read with "Ta and Ti Ti". b. read with solfege and handsigns IN YOUR HEAD (SILENT). c. read and sing out loud with hand signs. d. option read in head and memorize. e. option compose your own. f. option improvise a response with the same rhythm, but switch at least one note.

4. Sing modal songs (see modal song page for pdf of the songs). Lovely Joan, and F mode melodies.
Review modes: Dorian (D), Phrygian (E), Lydian (F), Mixolydian (G), Aeolian or Natural Minor (A).

Review: begin with local folk songs, then progress to songs from other countries AND great classical music of all times and countries!

5. Example of Prepare, Present (make known), Practice from
Reviewed with song star light star bright (SLM, with eighth notes and quarter notes)
a. taught song by rote
b. showed large circles on board representing beats.
c. filled rhythm lines (sticks) in the circles
d. showed how some are 1 and some are 2 sounds in the circle
e. present Ta and TiTi for singing the sounds in the circle
f. present musical name is quarter note and eighth note

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Kodaly Downloads. teaching TiTi

Continued Assignment:
Teach a rhythmic concept to any grade level. finalize lesson plan 2. begin lesson plan 3
Continue song collections. more modal songs.
(collect Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian)

Attendance. Sintija, Madara Gutmane, Ilona, Julija.
Next week no class b/c of final exams in conducting.