March 6--Session 7
Sing 333. Numbers 105 to 115.
discuss phrasing, singing with letter names, stick (Katini) notation, staff notation, form (Aab Baa')
tonality (So pentatonic, or So tetratonic...)
always be musical.
Learn "Chay Chay Koolay" from Ghana, West Africa)
Chay Chay Koolay
Chay Chay Kofinsa
Kofinsa Langa
TaTa Shilanga
Kum Adenday
Kum Adenday Hey!

Review level 2 concepts.
Rhythm: Listening, improvising
Rhythm concept presentations (teaching a rhythm in class to class mates)
Lesson Planning: Putting the Pieces Together (PPP)
sing 333
sing modal songs
teaching sessions

Assignment: Teach a rhythmic concept to any grade level. finalize lesson plan 2. begin lesson plan 3
Continue song collections. more modal songs.
(collect Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian)

(Attendance: Julija, Sitija, Deena, Vera.)