Rote Song Method (Suggestions for using Kodaly concepts)

1. Determine what concept you are planning to introduce with this song.

(Will it be an interval, a rhythmic pattern, a form?) Will the piece be for

preparation, presentation or practice for this concept?

Don’t try to teach too many things from one song at one time- you can

always go back and teach a new concept from a known entity.

2. Introduce the concept (not labeling it ) during the echoing warm–ups.

3. Sing the song all the way through for the students, modeling appropriate

musical dynamics, phrasing etc.

4. Ask them questions about the lyrics, the rhythm and/or the melody.

(Choose two of the three.)

5. If the main concept that you are teaching is melodic, choose some of the

patterns and have students echo with solfege and Curwen hand signs. If

the concept is rhythmic have the students echo the rhythmic patterns with

ta and titi etc. while tapping, clapping or patsching.

6. Sing the song while the students trace the melodic line with you.

7. Sing the song by phrase, having the students echo while either doing

Curwen hand signs or keeping a steady beat.

8. Add phrases together to allow students to learn larger sections fo the


9. Sing the song all the way through, having students listen and keeping a

steady beat. Have the students respond in some way either during that

performance or after. E.g. “raise your hand when I sing the highest pitch”

“Thumbs up when you hear me sing the pattern ta ta two.”

10. Sing the song all the way through with all musical elements including

phrasing and dynamics.

N. B.

Periodically check to be sure that you are maintaining a consistent tonality.

Tuning forks or pitch pipes are more reliable than a piano. (…and also more